Elizabeth Downs Primary School



Explicit teaching of the skills of literacy and numeracy is of the highest priority within the daily school program.
Additional student support /intervention is provided in classes during these lessons.

Every student each term has a SMARTAR Goal in English and Maths. These goals are specific, measurable, aspirational, resourced, targeted, attainable and reviewed.

Auslan: (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the deaf community in Australia.
We are very excited for all our students to be learning AUSLAN at Elizabeth Downs Primary School. It is integrated into all lessons across the school as well as being taught as a subject area by class teachers. We provide support for students for whom Kirundi is their first language.
English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)
A specialist teacher assists children from non- English speaking backgrounds to develop Literacy skills.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): We have launched STEM; an very exciting learning program for all students Reception – Year 7. We have received $1M grant to upgrade our STEM facilities which is very exciting. Students compete in Robocup Junior at State and National level.

THE ARTS: All students at Elizabeth Downs Primary School are accessing a specialist ARTS program weekly. Dance, Drama, Music, Media Arts and Visual Arts are covered. Students participate in the Festival Choir each year. Students perform in assemblies and special school events.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The school runs a specialist programme for Reception to Year 7. All students are involved and participate weekly in physical activities. We are a member of SAPSASA and regularly compete with great sportsmanship and success in Basketball, Cross Country, Athletics, Rugby Tag, Summer and Winter Carnivals. All aspects of PE are programmed to be inclusive of gender, race and culture and are designed to promote healthy and active living.

STEPHANIE ALEXANDER KITCHEN GARDEN PROGRAM (SAKG): All classes Reception -Year 7 are involved in weekly garden or cooking lessons. For further information click here.

AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM: Teachers use the Australian Curriculum for planning, assessment and reporting to families. For more information please use this Australian Curriculum web link.